Chapman’s Elite: A Horizon in Itself

Chapman University: Louis Vuitton purses, Mercedes Benz, Michael Kors wallets, Land Rovers, and Tory Burch flats – all encompassing the frivolous riches of Chapman’s elite. Price tags rule the campus as it determines who you keep as friends, and who you keep as enemies. The more you flaunt, the more recognition one receives; and in the eye’s of this generation that defines life itself. We are the self-absorbed generation. We are the “superior” generation. We are the opportunist generation. We are 2013 – an age where ‘selfies’ take over social media sites and relationships are held through technological advances. We are rude, ill-mannered, dollar-driven brats whose only concern is of our own path.

While I personally live in said narcissist era, viewing the world in a third-person perspective allows one to step out of the constructed hyper-reality. It sheds light on the wrong being done, and those who are doing so. And it allows one to view everything through the lenses of reality, the true state of being. Growing up without a laptop, a cell phone, a Nintendo DS, separates me from them. I can see what life is like without luxuries, while many of my peers cannot. Thus providing a sturdier ground in my stance against the selfishness, the self-aggrandizement, and the disrespect found in many my age, early adulthood.

They are not just kids, but the future leaders of today, as cliché as it may sound. They will be the ones who take care of the old, raise the young, and find prosperity for the nation. But do they exhibit the traits needed to live within a democratic, “for the people by the people” nation? No. Clearly no. There may be the oddities and rarities, but the majority only care for themselves and how different events and tasks will effect them. Not how it shall impact the government, the environment, fellow neighbors, the world as a whole. The only importance is if it effects their livelihoods and if so, it must be ended as soon as possible.

The years to come will only be progressively worse as all roads of entertainment, education, and humanly interaction lead to the path of technology. Children are now being born into such an age where it is socially acceptable for three year olds to play games on ipads and for teens to text friends at the dinner table. They lack any sense of respect for the people around them for they have grown up believing it is “okay.” It is “okay” to ignore parental rules, it is “okay” to not speak to others, it is “okay” to form bonds over messaging. There are no manners to be had, and no guidelines to be followed. Does it then lie upon the parents to enforce such rules? Or does it upon the children, to adhere?

What will change these selfish, bragging children of this day and age? A firm dose of humbleness? Of reality? Within my personal manifesto, I will explore the actions that need to be done to alter their perception, as well as the citizenry of this nation. It may leave a bitter taste within the mouths of many, but it needs to be said. For those who have commented on such behavior are those of a different era, never being one of the same generation. Hopefully, people will reflect on their past misgivings and gain realism, in every aspect possible.

Chew upon the words that soon will be said, I ask you. They will threaten your general ideology, my peers, but only then can changes be made. Mull, and then act – for your actions will speak volumes to who you are, and who you wish to be.


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