Why I Write

I wish to delve into my subconscious and retrieve my most monstrous lie, theory, fascination, obsession, creation, inhibition, and discover it completely by accident within my own writing. To have the moment where things come full circle and make sense in a world where sense is hiding. To have life become a little clearer in a mess of fuzziness. That is what I am reaching for – clarity, self-awareness, inner-sanctity. Ripping text with bare teeth and claw can leave my inner most beings of who I once was, who I am, and who I wish to be. But it does not need to be my own writings to find myself within. And it surely will require determination, motivation, and stamina to succeed in such a quest. But the result may not include our most raw selves, but something far bigger and expansive. Something many search far, but few find: Truth.

Where is truth when tearing apart a piece of work? But more importantly, what is “Truth”, coveted in all its being? Some may consider Truth the act of progressing through a text. Others may decipher it as the ending thematic result of a passage. Few may even say that it is what you make of it, as vague and uninteresting as that may seem. Love, Theology, Science, Gold, and Wine – all truths in one way or another, but it is the Truth? Pure. Unscathed. Uncensored. Truth.

I hope to uncover what Truth may be in writing, whether its detailed to one passage or generalized to all pieces. Yes, it is a very questionable subject that lacks boundaries or borders or guidelines. And anything can fall under the umbrella of Truth…Is that not what creative writing is all about? About being open-ended. Sharing one’s thoughts. Carrying different perspectives. Never having a definitive point. Ready for interpretation. Seeing others’ ideas would only shine a brighter light on Truth – whatever “Truths” those may be.

To the bold, to the analytic, to the curious: embark with me as pens take flight. Our journey starts now.


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